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. army staff sergeant todd m. nelson. >> here in san antonio, texas, surgeons, rehab specialists, and researchers are doing everything they can to deal with these deep injuries, helping soldiers heel, and finding new ways to help restore their function. >> my main thing was function. if i had any room left for more, i wanted my eyelids to close. i wanted to be able to eat a hamburger. >> todd nelson was serving in the army in afghanistan. i am sorry -- in iraq. he was riding in an unarmored vehicle through the city. he drove past a suicide bomber, who detonated his vehicle full of explosives and shrapnel. todd was sitting in the right front passenger seat. >> he is in an suv, and there was a white toyota? >> that is right. he was in an army convoy, taking stuff back and forth. simply because of the need for armor out in the field, there were not enough armored vehicles for him to ride in. there were using a regular suv. this white toyota corolla exploded. it tore off the side of the truck that todd was riding in. it catastrophically burned him, even under his helmet. it burned of
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)